Growing the global market for ornamentals

T. Briercliffe
In the past the production and marketing of ornamentals has been focused around servicing demand in developed countries. The associated trading and logistics infrastructure has developed around this model. For many years the industry has been expanding production in developing countries (with lower production costs) but still with a market focus on the traditional market, particularly Northern Europe and North America. In these cases the majority of product exported from developing countries are cut flowers, rather than potted plants, due to transport costs. The dynamics of this market is changing as economic growth takes off in a number of developing countries. Development and urbanisation creates new markets for ornamentals both from households with more disposable income and plant procurement for urban landscaping. This market is serviced by increased plant production within that country or from imports, either way the plant production and supply businesses in these new markets are developing fast and changing the historical pattern of business. Alongside this ornamentals producers face challenges in relation to environmental sustainability, social welfare and competition. The industry needs to identify new ways to grow this new market into the future and meet the needs of an ever changing consumer. In an increasingly technological world there is a need to promote the real benefits of plants (environmental, social, health, economic) to drive the greening of cities and people's lives, using ornamentals to address the challenges that cities and individuals face.
Briercliffe, T. 2017. Growing the global market for ornamentals. Acta Hort. (ISHS) 1165:1-8
industry, traditional market, export, supply chains