Techniques of year-round wax apple organic production under structure

J.C. Shih, J.Z. Yu, S.P. Chen, H.D. Shih, T.F. Hsieh
Up to date, many horticultural practices for fruit production were applied, which are the key technologies for the regulation and manipulation of fruit trees' physiology and pests. Any production system that aims in a long run for sustainability has aspects of ecological production. The system might be described as an integrated or an organic farming-system. All of them have three main elements: 1) economy, 2) quality, 3) ecology. The change of global weather may bring a severe impact on agriculture. The intelligent automatic ambient regulating system with multifunction under structure is one of the possible solutions to the impact, which offers benefits not only in saving labor but also in some amelioration in the microclimate, such as: 1) regulation of temperature through heating or evaporative cooling after misting during key physiological stages of wax apple to induce flower initiation and/or flowering or to delay bloom, and thus guarantee a longer and better production; 2) protection of plants against the damage of chilling, foehn, mites, codling moth, powdery mildew, etc. New patents like the Organic Cultivation System and Methods of Wax Apple (Pat. No. I 371243) and Environmental Automatic Regulation System of Wax Apple Cultivation (Pat. No. I 471042) are to use in an orchard under structure to improve and ensure the quality and yield of fruits. The goal is to develop a new system model for organic wax apple year-round production. Focal points are on the one hand in improving growth environment of wax apple with physiological regulating techniques to get longer harvest and better quality but on the other hand in gaining 100% safe fruits. The major insect pests, wax apple leaf miner, grape vine thrips, oriental fruit fly and leaf roller will be in the net house managed not only with the intelligent automatic ambient regulating system but also with natural arthropod deterrents and other environment friendly methods to satisfy the claims of the organic cultivation.
Shih, J.C., Yu, J.Z., Chen, S.P., Shih, H.D. and Hsieh, T.F. (2017). Techniques of year-round wax apple organic production under structure. Acta Hortic. 1166, 137-142
DOI: 10.17660/ActaHortic.2017.1166.19
year-round, organic production, wax apples, under the structure

Acta Horticulturae