Characteristics of zingibers for cut-flowers

N. Dum-ampai, P. Chaisrichonlathan
The aim of this study was to evaluate the horticultural traits of the Zingiber plants for cut-flower production. A total of 11 samples of 6 Zingiber species were collected and planted at Trang Horticultural Research Centre, during the year 2011-2014. There were 5 samples of Zingiber zerumbet, 2 samples of Zingiber ottensii, and each of Zingiber montanum, Zingiber chrysostachys, Zingiber spectabile and Zingiber niveum. It was found that Zingiber zerumbet sampled from Trang province produced the longest inflorescences, 60.5 cm long; while, Zingiber chrysostachys had the smallest inflorescences, 13.0 cm long. Flowering periods were from early May for Zingiber zerumbet sampled from Chantaburi Province, to September for Zingiber ottensii. Their vase-life; for example, those of Zingiber zerumbet were 6-21 days depending on blooming stage.
Dum-ampai, N. and Chaisrichonlathan, P. 2017. Characteristics of zingibers for cut-flowers. Acta Hort. (ISHS) 1167:181-186

Acta Horticulturae