Varietal selection of some curcuma hybrids

S. Maidatchan, S. NaNan, V. Thongtaksin, J. Phumhiran, P. Chaisrichonlathan, N. Dum-ampai
Ten selected F1 hybrids of Curcuma spp. and 2 commercial cultivars, 'Red Anan' and 'ChiangMai Pink' were used to study their productivity in the grower field and evaluate the farmer and consumer preferences. They were planted at 2 locations, ChiangRai and Lampoon, for 2 growing seasons during 2010-2012. It was found that 4 hybrids classified as early cultivar. The periods from planting to flowering were 56.8-60.5 days. The latest cultivar, Cu 118, produced flowers 91.8 days after planting. The production was 1.0-4.0 flowers plant-1 while commercial cultivars produced 2.0-2.4 flowers. The blooming periods were 15.4 days (of Cu 118) to 42.9 days (of Cu 57). The blooming periods of commercials were 22.4-23.3 days. Their vase-lives were 5.5 days (Cu 118) to 17.3 days (Cu 56) but vase-life of commercial ones were 5.5 and 6.3 days. The cultivar that farmers accepted most was Cu 97, while Japanese market preferred Cu64 and the Dutch market loved Cu 113. This information was used to select promising cultivars, Cu 57, Cu 63, Cu 64, Cu 97 and Cu 113, for cut flower and pot plant.
Maidatchan, S., NaNan, S., Thongtaksin, V., Phumhiran, J., Chaisrichonlathan, P. and Dum-ampai, N. (2017). Varietal selection of some curcuma hybrids. Acta Hortic. 1167, 251-256
DOI: 10.17660/ActaHortic.2017.1167.38
Zingiberaceae, F1-hybrid, vase-life, consumer preference

Acta Horticulturae