Morpho-genotypic interrelationship and genetic distance of chrysanthemum

H. Mehraj, T. Taufique, K. Shimasaki, A.F.M.J. Uddin
Thirty two chrysanthemum genotypes were evaluated for sixteen different parameters to ascertain the phenotypic and genotypic association. Plant height, number of leaf branch-1, bud diameter at initiation stage, bud diameter at mature stage, flower head diameter and stalk length were found to be significantly and positively correlated with each other. On the other hand, number of branch plant-1, leaf area, number of flower branch-1 and number of flowers plant-1 was also found to be positively significantly correlated with each other. The maximum proximity dissimilarity (276.0) was found between 'Samsan' and 'Yellow Bay' cultivars while minimum (9.4) from 'Auburn Daisy' and 'Gold Mundial' cultivars. Chrysanthemum cultivars were divided into some groups having two major lineage groups at linkage distance 25 in a cluster diagram at various levels of similarity and dissimilarity according to their phenotypic characters. Findings of the study will be beneficial for the breeder to develop chrysanthemum cultivars with maximum variation by hybridization program.
Mehraj, H., Taufique, T., Shimasaki, K. and Uddin, A.F.M.J. (2017). Morpho-genotypic interrelationship and genetic distance of chrysanthemum. Acta Hortic. 1167, 313-322
DOI: 10.17660/ActaHortic.2017.1167.45
correlation, dendrogram, proximity dissimilarity

Acta Horticulturae