Study on pollen characteristics of different calla lily cultivars (Zantedeschia spp.)

L.Y. Yang, Y.C. Zhang, Q.Z. Li, Y. Sun, X. Li, Y.M. Cai
Calla lily cultivars (Zantedeschia spp.) are internationally popular products. However, their pollen germination rate is relative low under natural condition, which hampers the breeding of new cultivars. In this work, morphological characteristics, viability and germination characteristics of pollen from 18 different calla lily cultivars were analyzed. The results showed that pollen among all samples was prolate in shape and similar in size. The lengths of the polar and equatorial axes were 28.8-39.5 and 21.9-32.3 µm, respectively, and the polar to equatorial axis ratio ranged from 1.14 to 1.43. Pollen extine was smooth without aperture, pollen sculpture was not obvious. At 25°C in the dark, the pollen germination ratio and pollen tube length were highest within 24 h, especially in the first 9 h. Different culture media were used to study the culture conditions for 'Crowborough' pollen, and we found that a suitable testing medium for pollen viability contained 10% sucrose and 0.01% H3BO3.
Yang, L.Y., Zhang, Y.C., Li, Q.Z., Sun, Y., Li, X. and Cai, Y.M. (2017). Study on pollen characteristics of different calla lily cultivars (Zantedeschia spp.). Acta Hortic. 1171, 143-150
DOI: 10.17660/ActaHortic.2017.1171.20
pollen shape, pollen germination, Zantedeschia spp

Acta Horticulturae