Apricot genetic resources used in breeding

B. Krška
Collection of apricot germplasm began since 60th years in Horticultural Faculty by Prof. Vachůn and Prof. Vávra. Twenty years later we stared the breeding activities on the base of knowledge of large gene pool collection. Widely collaboration with foreing partners was usefull for plant exchange mainly with (Botanical Nikita Garden Yalta, I.N.R. A. Avignon, USA, former Yugoslavia, Italy, China, South Africa, Hungary, etc.). We have been selected: many donors commonly used in our breeding programme like adaptability to environmental conditions, late dormancy, frost hardinnes of flower buds including juvenile fruits, fruit quality and PPV resistance. On the base of inheritance study in the progenies were found different ration in PPV resistance. Standard breeding techniques, such as crossing by emasculation and hand pollination, self-pollination and open pollination, were employed. 11 promising genotypes have already been registered and further promising new hybrids have been submitted for registration (LE-3276-'Betinka', LE-2927-'Candela', LE-2926-'Sophia' and LE-3241-Adriana).
Krška, B. (2017). Apricot genetic resources used in breeding. Acta Hortic. 1172, 201-204
DOI: 10.17660/ActaHortic.2017.1172.38
Prunus armeniaca L., donors

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