The rootstock's role in modernizing plum culture

G. Achim, I. Botu, M. Botu, I. Duţu, F. Stănică, C. Mazilu
Rootstocks have an important role in modernizing plum culture. During the 1970-2014 period a rootstock breeding program for plum was launched in Romania in two locations: SCDP Valcea and R.I.F.G. Pitesti. Seven rootstocks have been named at SCDP Valcea and two at R.I.F.G. Pitesti. The plum rootstocks obtained have specific agro-biological characteristics: low vigor ('Oteşani 8' and 'Mirobolan dwarf'); medium vigor ('Rival', 'Pinval' and 'Oteşani 11'); high vigor ('Miroval', 'Mirobolan C5', 'Oltval' and 'Corval'); propagation through seeds and also clonal ('Oteşani', 'Miroval', 'Mirobolan C5' and 'Mirobolan dwarf'); clonal propagation ('Rival', 'Oteşani 11', 'Oltval', 'Corval' and 'Primval'); good compatibility with European plum cultivars ('Oteşani 8', 'Oteşani 11', 'Rival', 'Pinval' and 'Corval'); weak compatibility with 'Tuleu gras' and 'Reine Claude D'Althan' plum cultivars ('Mirobolan', 'Mirobolan dwarf', 'Mirobolan C5' and 'Oltval'); resistance to main pests and diseases with exception of Sharka (all nine plum rootstocks); good productivity induced to the cultivars (all nine plum rootstocks). 'Oteşani 8' and 'Mirobolan dwarf' rootstocks can be used for high density plum orchards (with densities of 1000-1200 trees ha-1).
Achim, G., Botu, I., Botu, M., Duţu, I., Stănică, F. and Mazilu, C. (2017). The rootstock's role in modernizing plum culture. Acta Hortic. 1175, 49-54
DOI: 10.17660/ActaHortic.2017.1175.10
Prunus, rootstocks, breeding

Acta Horticulturae