Effect of water deficit on physiological parameters of four Prunus rootstocks

C. Hernández, M. Bravo, P. Pimentel, M. Pinto, M.T. Pino
In this study, the performance of Prunus rootstocks: Mariana2624, Garnem, Cab 6P and Mazzard F-12/1 was evaluated under well-watered conditions (control) and under water deficit (WS) induced by withholding irrigation water until the leaf water potential (Ψmd) reached -2.0 MPa. Among the four rootstocks evaluated, a positive correlation was observed between the rates of soil desiccation and transpiration. There was also a positive correlation between the increase in aerial biomass and the leaf gas exchange in Garnem and Mariana2624 rootstocks. In addition, these rootstocks also showed a high dry matter accumulation and a Ψmd higher than Cab 6P and Mazzard F-12/1. Cab 6P and Mazzard F-12/1 were the rootstocks most tolerant to water stress. During the period of water restriction they did not show any significant reduction in Ψmd and in leaf gas exchange. The most drought sensitive rootstock was Garnem, whose Ψmd reached -2.5 MPa 10 days after the withdrawal of the water. In Garnem and Mariana 2624, water stress also produced a significant reduction in CO2 assimilation and stomatal conductance.
Hernández, C., Bravo, M., Pimentel, P., Pinto, M. and Pino, M.T. (2017). Effect of water deficit on physiological parameters of four Prunus rootstocks. Acta Hortic. 1177, 273-280
DOI: 10.17660/ActaHortic.2017.1177.39
drought stress, desiccation rate, gas exchange, leaf water potential

Acta Horticulturae