Dwarfing rootstocks for 'Valencia' sweet orange

W. dos S. Soares Filho, Y.C. Ramos, A.L.V. da Silva, A.L. Fadel, E.S. Stuchi, E.A. Girardi, H.C. de Leão, A. da S. Gesteira, O.S. Passos
The Brazilian citrus industry requires rootstocks that are adapted for use in high-density plantings. They also have to exhibit elevated production efficiency of high quality fruits, and tolerance or resistance to abiotic and biotic stresses. Hybrid rootstocks were obtained through the Citrus Breeding Program of Embrapa Cassava & Fruits, in Cruz das Almas, Bahia State, Brazil. The first five commercial crops of 'Valencia' sweet orange budded onto 50 rootstocks were evaluated under rain-fed cultivation in the municipal district of Colômbia, São Paulo State, Brazil (20°19,635'S; 48°41,452'W, 541 m a.s.l.). Results indicated that the hybrids TSKC (Sunki mandarin) × [LCR (Rangpur lime) × TR (trifoliate orange)] - 059, TSKC × CTSW (Swingle citrumelo) - 041, LCR × TR - 001, LVK (Volkamer lemon) × LCR - 038 and HTR (trifoliate hybrid) - 051, HTR - 053, HTR - 069 and HTR - 116 will accommodate planting densities higher than those presently attained through the use of vigorous rootstocks. They also exhibited a higher production efficiency (kg of fruits m-3 of canopy). The fruit produced had greater or equivalent juice quality compared to the commercial rootstock, Rangpur lime, used in Brazil. Additionally, TSKC × (LCR × TR) - 059, LCR × TR - 001, LVK × LCR - 038 and TSKC × CTSW - 041 showed enhanced drought tolerance to 'Valencia' sweet orange, with results similar to that of the Rangpur lime rootstock. The hybrids TSKC × (LCR × TR) - 059 and LVK × LCR - 038 are superior, due to their high production efficiency, dwarfing effect, earlier fruit bearing capacity, higher fruit quality and good drought tolerance when compared to fruits produced on Rangpur lime rootstock.
Soares Filho, W. dos S., Ramos, Y.C., da Silva, A.L.V., Fadel, A.L., Stuchi, E.S., Girardi, E.A., de Leão, H.C., Gesteira, A. da S. and Passos, O.S. (2017). Dwarfing rootstocks for 'Valencia' sweet orange. Acta Hortic. 1178, 85-88
DOI: 10.17660/ActaHortic.2017.1178.15
Citrus spp., Poncirus trifoliata, drought tolerance, hybridization, production, tree size

Acta Horticulturae