X-ray microtomography of mango tissue breakdown development due to chilling injury

D. Cantre, E. Herremans, P. Verboven, M.L.A.T.M. Hertog, B.M. Nicolai
The study aims to provide an insight in the 3-D microstructural changes caused by chilling injury in mango. This was accomplished through the use of X-ray microtomography (µCT) of tissue of mango ('Carabao') during storage under chilling injury inducing conditions. X-ray µCT provided 3-D visualization and quantification of the changes in tissue structure and pore networks during chilling injury development. The largest changes were observed in mango outer mesocarp, including significant changes in cell shape, pore size and shape and connectivity of the pores. Microstructural results provided support to the hypothesis that intracellular water leakage occurs, contributing to discoloration of the peel. Furthermore, water leakage adversely affects tissue aeration which inhibits respiration of the tissue aggravating tissue breakdown. To interpret the microstructural changes in relation to chilling injury development, multivariate statistics was applied. This analysis identified several microstructural descriptors related to the severity of chilling injury. This study will generate detailed understanding of the structural changes leading to the symptoms of chilling injury.
Cantre, D., Herremans, E., Verboven, P., Hertog, M.L.A.T.M. and Nicolai, B.M. (2017). X-ray microtomography of mango tissue breakdown development due to chilling injury. Acta Hortic. 1183, 325-330
DOI: 10.17660/ActaHortic.2017.1183.47
mango, chilling injury, microstructure, X-ray computed microtomography

Acta Horticulturae