Irrigation and mulching effects on raspberry leaf temperatures measured by thermal imaging camera

M. Pavlovic, R. Stricevic, M. Cosic, N. Djurovic, I. Bogdan
The paper presents the results of leaf temperature measurements in a raspberries orchard, recorded by a thermal imaging camera. The raspberry orchard was planted in spring 2014, while the experiment was set up in spring 2015, i.e., the first yielding year. The orchard is located in the south-western part of Republic of Serbia (Ivanjica region). This mountain region is characterized by limited water resources. During the experiment, three irrigation treatments were applied: deficit irrigation (N), deficit irrigation with hay mulch (NM), and rain-fed condition (NN). Leaf temperature was measured with a FLIR T335 thermal camera, six times during harvesting. In total 30 measurements were carried out on plants of each treatment and the average leaf temperatures calculated. In the N and NM treatments, soil water content was continuously measured by TDR sensors. Weather data were automatically recorded near the experimental field. Results indicated that plants in the NN treatment were warmest, followed by those in the N treatment. Leaf temperatures for plants of the NN treatment were mostly higher than air temperature, while in the N and NM treatments higher values were only observed in one of the six measurements. However, soil moisture contents reflected the trend observed for leaf temperature. Soil moisture content in the NM treatment was the closest to field capacity, while that in NN treatment was close to the wilting point. According to the presented results, mulch has a positive impact on irrigation water saving, which is very important for this region. Difference in air and leaf temperature vs. vapour pressure deficit was linearly related. Average CWSI for N, NM and NN treatments indicated clear differences between treatments.
Pavlovic, M., Stricevic, R., Cosic, M., Djurovic, N. and Bogdan, I. (2018). Irrigation and mulching effects on raspberry leaf temperatures measured by thermal imaging camera. Acta Hortic. 1197, 179-186
DOI: 10.17660/ActaHortic.2018.1197.24
deficit irrigation, mulching, thermal imaging, raspberry

Acta Horticulturae