Saffron corm production as influenced by integrated phosphorus management

N.A. Kirmani, J.A. Sofi, M.A. Bhat, S. Ansar-ul-Haq
Study confirmed significant effect of FYM in increasing corm production. The maximum corm production of 11.444 t ha-1 was recorded with the highest organic application and the corresponding increase over its control (4.738 t ha-1) was 141.53%. The phosphorus application recorded maximum corm production of 9.278 t ha-1 when applied at 100 kg ha-1 and the corresponding increase over its respective control (6.513 t ha-1) was 42.45%. The application of phosphorus solubilizers (PSB) also increased the corm production significantly and the increase recorded was 15.80%. The effect of FYM, PSB and phosphorus increased the number of corms in all corm weight grades (i.e. >15 g, 8-15 g and <8 g), significantly over their respective controls. The maximum corm number (272,000, 334,000 and 238,000 ha-1) in the biggest weight grade (>15 g) were recorded when phosphorus was applied at 100 kg ha-1, FYM at 60 t ha-1 and with PSB inoculation in the test crop. The increases over their corresponding controls were 67.90, 169.35 and 25.26%, respectively. Their interactions were also found statistically significant in increasing the corm number.
Kirmani, N.A., Sofi, J.A., Bhat, M.A. and Ansar-ul-Haq, S. (2018). Saffron corm production as influenced by integrated phosphorus management. Acta Hortic. 1200, 79-82
DOI: 10.17660/ActaHortic.2018.1200.12
corm production, FYM, integrated phosphorous management, PSB, saffron

Acta Horticulturae