Integrated capsule for enhancing saffron productivity

F.A. Nehvi, A.M. Iqbal, S.S. Sameer, S. Naseer, S.A. Nagoo, A. Manzar, B.A. Allaie
Study revealed that under monocropping (saffron as sole)/intercropping farming system (saffron intercropped with almond/apple/pear) plantation of graded saffron corms (>8 g) in September with initial corm treatment with fungicidal suspension (carbendizime at 0.01% + Mancozeb at 0.03%) or corm dressing with Trichoderma viridae at 4 g kg-1 of seed with initial spore load adjusted to 2×107 spores m-1 supplemented with neem cake at 1.0 t ha-1 on raised beds at 1 corm hill-1 with a planting geometry of 20×10 cm or 2 corms hill-1 with a planting geometry of 25×15 cm supplemented with FYM at 10 tons ha-1 in combination with N:P:K at 90:60:50 kg ha-1 and vermicompost at 0.5 t ha-1 or FYM at 30 t ha-1 in combination with N:P:K at 30:20:15 kg ha-1, vermicompost at 0.25 t ha-1 together with Azatobactor ensures average saffron/corm productivity of 6.37 kg ha-1 and 15.0 t ha-1, respectively over 4 years planting cycle. Fumigation of live reopened burrows with aluminum phosphide pellets at 2 pellets burrow-1 or 3 g aluminum phosphide pouch (56% poison)/ burrow ensures rodent control. Integrated production system capsule ensures returns to the tune of Rs. 4,635,000 and Rs. 810,000 respectively on account of sale of 25.5 kg of saffron and 60 quintals of saffron corms with a B:C ratio of 3.99:1.
Nehvi, F.A., Iqbal, A.M., Sameer, S.S., Naseer, S., Nagoo, S.A., Manzar, A. and Allaie, B.A. (2018). Integrated capsule for enhancing saffron productivity. Acta Hortic. 1200, 95-100
DOI: 10.17660/ActaHortic.2018.1200.15
corm weight, planting geometry, INM, IDM, IPM, productivity, saffron

Acta Horticulturae