Development of a global conservation strategy for coffee genetic resources

S. Krishnan, P. Bramel, D. Horna, B. Lainoff, C. Montagnon, T. Schilling
Collections of genetic resources are key mechanisms to reduce crop vulnerability resulting from genetic erosion and uniformity, and to supply crop breeding and research programs with novel traits and underlying genes to satisfy evolving demands. For many crops, global crop conservation strategies have provided opportunities to review the history of collections and carry out periodic assessments of their status and the challenges they face. Until recently, there was no global conservation strategy for coffee. Spearheaded by Global Crop Diversity Trust and World Coffee Research, the coffee strategy will be based on inputs from a survey of key coffee genebanks, site visits and stakeholder consultations. Through engagement of multi-national stakeholders engaged in various aspects of coffee production, processing, breeding, conservation and research, the goal of the global strategy is to ensure the conservation of coffee genetic resources for a positive, sustainable future for the production of the crop and for those dependent on coffee for a livelihood. With the identification of key urgent needs, this strategy will set the stage for global action for the long term conservation and use of coffee genetic resources, ensuring the future viability of the crop. The strategy is scheduled to be finalized by December 2016.
Krishnan, S., Bramel, P., Horna, D., Lainoff, B., Montagnon, C. and Schilling, T. (2018). Development of a global conservation strategy for coffee genetic resources. Acta Hortic. 1205, 505-508
DOI: 10.17660/ActaHortic.2018.1205.62
Coffea, field genebanks, ex situ conservation, in situ conservation, coffee collections

Acta Horticulturae