Quality maintenance of fresh-cut apple salad by using different anti-browning agents

I. Krasnova, D. Seglina, A. Aboltins, K. Juhnevica, D. Karklina
When using apples as a basic component for making fresh-cut fruit salad, prevention of fruit browning and maintenance of nutritional value is essential and commercially significant in selling fruit salad. Therefore, the impact of the treatment by sea buckthorn, quince and white currant juice, and solution of 4 and 5% antioxidant Natureseal® AS1 on browning of fruit slices was evaluated. Apple 'Auksis' was chosen for testing anti-browning efficiency by slicing and treating them with solutions of sea buckthorn, quince and currant juice and antioxidant Natureseal® AS1. Strained apple slices were packed into polypropylene boxes and stored in a refrigerator for 13 days at 4°C temperature. During storage samples were analysed every third day by estimating changes in colour, content of vitamin C, content of polyphenols, and antioxidant activity (FRAP, DFPH). The best results of efficiency of the used anti-browning agents on the quality of fresh-cut apple slices were reached by treating them with 5% Natureseal® AS1 solution. The selected anti-browning agent provided a higher content of vitamin C, phenolic compounds, and antioxidant activity (FRAP, DFPH) in the product, as well as maintained the initial light colour of apple slices in comparison with other browning agents.
Krasnova, I., Seglina, D., Aboltins, A., Juhnevica, K. and Karklina, D. (2018). Quality maintenance of fresh-cut apple salad by using different anti-browning agents. Acta Hortic. 1209, 217-224
DOI: 10.17660/ActaHortic.2018.1209.31
natural inhibitors, phenolic, vitamin C, colour, antioxidant activity

Acta Horticulturae