Application of nonwoven as a bunch cover for banana during winter season in Thailand

J. Rattanakaran, R. Saengrayap, C. Prahsarn, S. Chaiwong
In Thailand, a comprehensive study on banana bunch cover to create microclimate and its influence on growth and quality of Cavendish banana in winter season has not been reported. In the northern part of Thailand, delayed harvesting or chilling injury has long been a crucial problem of Cavendish banana in field. Recently, for commercially cultivated banana, a thin polystyrene (PS) sheet has been used as an insulation material in winter season for banana bunch cover. In this work, the efficiency of a commercial cover (CC) and a developing nonwoven (DNW) as a bunch cover material, and their influences on fruit maturity and quality of Cavendish banana in field were studied. Bunch covers of Cavendish banana in winter basically contain 4 layers NDASH a thin nonwoven (0.05 mm) (inner layer), followed by paper (0.05 mm), PS sheet (0.25 mm) and white non-perforated polyethylene film (0.02 mm) (outer layer). A developing nonwoven (DNW) (0.32 mm) was applied to replace paper and PS sheet layers. Banana fruit quality was determined at three stages namely: immature, mature green (light full three-quarters) and ripening. The results showed that banana fruits covered by DNW had a significantly greater hand weight at immature stage than those covered by CC (P≤0.05). In addition, those covered by DNW showed significantly lower lightness (L*) and yellowness (b*) values, compared to CC. This was related to higher light intensity passing through DNW. There was no significant difference in microclimate temperature inside both cover materials (P>0.05). There were no significant differences between two cover types in finger circumference, finger length, fruit firmness and pulp per peel ratio (maturity index) (P>0.05). This work demonstrated that nonwoven material could be used as an alternative material for banana bunch cover in winter season in terms of both insulation and environmentally friendly materials.
Rattanakaran, J., Saengrayap, R., Prahsarn, C. and Chaiwong, S. (2018). Application of nonwoven as a bunch cover for banana during winter season in Thailand. Acta Hortic. 1210, 35-42
DOI: 10.17660/ActaHortic.2018.1210.5
bagging material, banana production, Cavendish, fruit quality, polyethylene

Acta Horticulturae