Clonal rootstock selection suitable for apricot cultivars 'Hacıhaliloglu' and 'Kabaası'

A. Erdoğan, T. Yiğit, S. Şahin, K.U. Yılmaz, M.N. Demirtaş, H.Ş. Öylek, S. Ercişli
‘Hacıhaliloğlu’ and ‘Kabaaşı’ are the most widely grown dried apricot cultivars in the world. Trees of these cultivars develop fairly well. In the Malatya region of Turkey, apricot trees are planted at 10×10 m and, in some areas, 12×12 m. Difficulties in cultural practices such as harvesting and pruning, low yield rate for per unit area, long juvenile period and, in particular, the presence of a high losses in quality during harvesting, require the use of dwarf rootstocks in apricot breeding. To determine the most suitable rootstock for these cultivars, ‘Pixy’, ‘Myrobalan GF-31’, ‘Myrobalan 29 C’, ‘Marianna 2624’, ‘GF-677’, ‘Adafuel’, ‘Citation’, ‘Kayısı Erigi’, ‘G×N’ and seed rootstock (‘Tokaloğlu Erzincan’) were used. In this study, the dense planting possibilities of ‘Hacıhaliloğlu’ and ‘Kabaaşı’ and graft compatibility between these apricot cultivars and rootstocks used in the study were examined. Graft incompatibility occurred between the ‘Hacıhaliloğlu’ and ‘Adafuel’, ‘Citation’, ‘GF-677’ and ‘G×N’ rootstocks and between ‘Kabaaşı’ and ‘Citation’ and ‘GF-677’ rootstocks. Of the rootstocks suitable for the two apricot cultivars, ‘Pixy’ and ‘Marianna 2624’ showed dwarf development, while ‘Myrobolan 29-C’, ‘Myrobolan GF-31’, ‘Kayısı Erigi’ and ‘Tokaloglu Erzincan’ showed strong development.
Erdoğan, A., Yiğit, T., Şahin, S., Yılmaz, K.U., Demirtaş, M.N., Öylek, H.Ş. and Ercişli, S. (2018). Clonal rootstock selection suitable for apricot cultivars 'Hacıhaliloglu' and 'Kabaası'. Acta Hortic. 1214, 193-198
DOI: 10.17660/ActaHortic.2018.1214.33
'Hacıhaliloğlu', 'Kabaaşı', dried apricot, clonal rootstock, Malatya

Acta Horticulturae