Response of peaches to fertilizer application and nutrient use efficiency in Bulgaria

I. Manolov, A. Yordanov, M. Apostolova, M. Nikolova, B. Stalev, H. Kirova
“Best agricultural practices for sustainable crop nutrition in Bulgaria” was the topic of an extensive research project supported by the International Plant Nutrition Institute (IPNI) during the period 2009-2012. Omission plot trials (control, N, P, K, NP, NK, PK, NPK, NPKMg) were arranged in field, vegetable, fruit crops and wine grapes. One of the tested crops were peaches, which are an important fruit crop in the country. The peach trials were carried out on two locations in the two most suitable regions for peach growing in the country (Sliven and Petrich). This paper presents the effect of fertilization on the yield and nutrient omission (N, P and K) from the triple fertilizer combination. Two nutrient use efficiency (NUE) indicators, partial factor productivity (PFP) and agronomic efficiency (AE), were estimated. The results showed that the peachesRSQUO response was quite different in the two locations. In Sliven, where the soil fertility was better, the main limiting nutrient was nitrogen and in Petrich, the main limiting nutrient was potassium in accordance with the low K level in the soil in this region. The NUE indicators showed better efficiency in Petrich. PFP for NPK treatment was higher in Petrich - 100 kg kg-1 per unit nutrient in comparison with Sliven (57 kg kg-1). AE for N was almost the same for both sites - 20 kg kg-1 (Sliven) and 22 kg kg-1 (Petrich). AE for P and K was two times higher in Petrich compared to Sliven. The results at both sites suggest that fertilizer recommendations for peaches should account for the specificity of the site in question.
Manolov, I., Yordanov, A., Apostolova, M., Nikolova, M., Stalev, B. and Kirova, H. (2018). Response of peaches to fertilizer application and nutrient use efficiency in Bulgaria. Acta Hortic. 1217, 185-190
DOI: 10.17660/ActaHortic.2018.1217.24
peach, omission effects of nutrients, nutrient use efficiency (NUE)

Acta Horticulturae