Detection of bud abscission of pistachio via histological analysis

Ş. Karabıyık, M.A. Gündeşli, S. Eti, S. Kafkas, M. Güney, M. Zarıfıkhosroshahı, N.E. Kafkas
Alternate bearing is a very widespread phenomenon occurring in both deciduous and evergreen trees. Alternate bearing, also known as irregular bearing, is the phenomenon by which trees bear an irregular crop year after year, usually heavy yields (“ON” year) which are followed by light (“OFF”) ones. Generally, the presence of fruit is the key factor controlling flower initiation. Bud abscission caused by alternate bearing phenomena is one of the most important problems in pistachio also. In Turkey, due to the abscission of inflorescence buds, alternate bearing occurs especially on commercially grown 'Uzun' pistachio severely. In 'Uzun' pistachio fruit production fluctuates between an “on” year of high yields and an “off” year of low yields. As far as we know there are very limited papers previously published on histological analysis on pistachio related to flower bud abscission. Therefore, in this study it was aimed to detect the beginning of the flower bud abscission time on 'Uzun' pistachio by histological methods. For this purpose, “on” and “off” year of flower buds of 'Uzun' pistachio cultivar was used as experimental materials. The paraffin sectioning method used for detection of the abscission layer formation period.
Karabıyık, Ş., Gündeşli, M.A., Eti, S., Kafkas, S., Güney, M., Zarıfıkhosroshahı, M. and Kafkas, N.E. (2018). Detection of bud abscission of pistachio via histological analysis. Acta Hortic. 1219, 193-198
DOI: 10.17660/ActaHortic.2018.1219.31
Pistacia vera, bud abscission, light microscope, ¿on¿ year

Acta Horticulturae