Effect of ABA on crop load control and fruit quality improvement in 'Gala' apple

G. Vizzotto, R. Falchi, G. De Martino, G. Costa
An ABA formulation was applied on 'Gala Schniga' apple cultivar to evaluate its efficacy as a thinning agent and as an alternative treatment for preventing Ca2+-related disorders, such as bitter pit, in apple. ABA was tested in a single (19 days after full bloom, dafb) or in three-repeated application (19, 29 and 39 dafb). ABA increased fruit abscission either when sprayed in a single or multiple treatments. Yield and average fruit weight of the ABA treated trees were similar to the values reached in the hand-thinned trees, and fruits were induced to ripen slightly earlier than the control ones. In controlled conditions, spraying of fruits with ABA at three different stages of growth (62, 78 and 112 dafb) showed to positively affect the uptake of the Ca2+ and other minerals which levels are normally associated with the appearance of bitter pit in fruits.
Vizzotto, G., Falchi, R., De Martino, G. and Costa, G. (2018). Effect of ABA on crop load control and fruit quality improvement in 'Gala' apple. Acta Hortic. 1221, 45-50
DOI: 10.17660/ActaHortic.2018.1221.7
Malus domestica, fruit abscission, fruit quality, physiological disorders, mineral elements, Ca2+ deficiency