Variation in yield of 'Çakıldak' hazelnut at different elevations and years

E. Bozkurt, S.Z. Bostan
This research was carried out in 2008 and 2009 in 'Çakıldak' hazelnut at elevations of 400, 600 and 800 m in the Ordu province of Turkey. It was aimed to investigate the variation in yield at different, elevations and years. This experiment was designed according to randomized blocks with three replicates, and 9 ocaks were used for each replicates. Results showed, that yield differences were significant due to elevations and years. The yield varied from 256,48 (800 m) to 295.85 kg decare-1 (400 m). There was no significant difference between 400 and 600 m yields but the yield at 800 m was lower than the yield at 400 and 600 m elevations. As a result, it can be said that the yield was higher in 400 m elevation orchards, and the yield decreases as the elevation increased. On the other hand, there were significant positive correlations between yield (kg decare-1) and nut weight, nut size, shell thickness, kernel weight, kernel size, number of stem per ocak, good kernel, total nut number per stem, total good kernel per stem, total nut number per ocak, stem yield, yield of ocak; significant negative correlations were found between yield (kg decare-1) and blanks, and small nuts. It can be concluded that there were also significant correlations between yield and pomological traits.
Bozkurt, E. and Bostan, S.Z. (2018). Variation in yield of 'Çakıldak' hazelnut at different elevations and years. Acta Hortic. 1226, 157-160
DOI: 10.17660/ActaHortic.2018.1226.23
Corylus, hazelnut, elevation, yield, quality characteristics

Acta Horticulturae