Project for enhancing quality and productivity in hazelnut

N. Genç
Turkey is regarded as the leading country in hazelnut production and exportation, and the main region of hazelnut production is the Eastern Black Sea. However, there are some serious productivity and quality problems, especially in Trabzon where 40% of Turkey's export originates. Nut yields are low due to several factors, including poor and neglected orchards; old aged growers, and climate changes. Under these circumstances, the Trabzon Commodity Exchange has been implementing a project called “Enhancing Productivity and Quality in Hazelnut” since 2013. The project has been supported by The Union of Chambers of Commerce and Commodity Exchanges of Turkey, Hazelnut Promotion Group, Trabzon Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Eastern Black Sea Exporters' Association, and Ferrero. Within the scope of the project, 63 hazelnut orchards were reestablished by a sequential planting system, which allows the equal distribution of sunlight among plants. Furthermore for the first time in Turkey, the single trunk growing system has been practiced in a 0.1 ha orchard. This orchard started to produce nuts by its 2nd year. Ten orchards, established in 2013 started to bear nuts. The project also aims to raise producers' awareness of good agricultural methods by training programs. 350 growers were trained in the proper method of pruning, and 200 growers were trained to pay attention and care for their orchards in order to obtain higher yields.
Genç, N. (2018). Project for enhancing quality and productivity in hazelnut. Acta Hortic. 1226, 323-328
DOI: 10.17660/ActaHortic.2018.1226.48
Corylus avellana, yield, single trunk, awareness, training

Acta Horticulturae