Farming training project to implement good agricultural practices in Turkish hazelnut farms

B. Pancino, N. Passeri, S. Franco, G. Arıkoğlu, E. Arisoy
Oltan Gida and Ferrero, with the collaboration of Tuscia University, are carrying out a Ferrero Farming Training (FFT) Project in Turkey. The main objective of the FFT project is to improve both quantity and quality of Turkish hazelnut production through the introduction of Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) to be trained to farmers. This training supports the hazelnut supply chain in Turkey and promotes the standards of Ferrero Farming Values for Hazelnut (FFVh) standards. This program targets the four provinces that produce most of Turkey's hazelnuts, representing 82% of the country's production and aims to reach at least 26,000 farmers over the next ten years. The methodology consists of profiling farms according to basic indicators (field size, tree age, location and accessibility, production level, propensity to innovation and networking, and financial status). The farm profiling allows categorization of the farms and targeting of the training. Individual training of farmers is offered, and includes an agronomic calendar that lists the GAPs that are suggested for crop management. The list of GAPs to be introduced takes into account the main widespread issues related to hazelnut cultivation in Turkey. Indeed, the elevation and microclimate of the different areas affects hazelnut cultivation.
Pancino, B., Passeri, N., Franco, S., Arıkoğlu, G. and Arisoy, E. (2018). Farming training project to implement good agricultural practices in Turkish hazelnut farms. Acta Hortic. 1226, 449-456
DOI: 10.17660/ActaHortic.2018.1226.68
Corylus avellana, farmer training, production improvement, farm survey

Acta Horticulturae