Breeding and cultivation of 'Golden Warm Flame':
a new tulip cultivar with earlier florescence

G.M. Xing, W. Zhang, Y.Q. Zhang, Y.H. Cui, Z.J. Cai, L.W. Qu
The new ornamental tulip cultivar ‘Golden Warm Flame’ was released from the interspecific cross of Tulipa. thianschanicaבYellow Purissima’. The female parent T. thianschanica is native to China with earlier florescence, vivid flower color and strong adaptability. It was collected in the hillside or grassland from Xinjiang Province. Male parent ‘Yellow Purissima’ with big, light yellow flowers was introduced from The Netherlands. ‘Golden Warm Flame’ had more attractive flowers than T. thianschanica and ‘Yellow Purissima’. The tepal color of ‘Golden Warm Flame’ inside was brighter than ‘Yellow Purissima’ with turning dark purple red strips (RHS185B) outside. The flower of ‘Golden Warm Flame’ was larger than T. thianschanica in flower diameter. Meanwhile ‘Golden Warm Flame’ had an earlier florescence than ‘Yellow Purissima’ in the open field, which sprouted on 27~28 March, bloomed on 25~27 April and withered on 11~12 May with approximately 15 d florescence duration, similar to ‘Yellow Purissima’. The new tulip cultivar ‘Golden Warm Flame’ provide the possibility to landscape in more earlier spring in Northeastern China as well as a parent for breeding. The breeding procedures, morphological characteristics and gardening tips of ‘Golden Warm Flame’ were described in this article.
Xing, G.M., Zhang, W., Zhang, Y.Q., Cui, Y.H., Cai, Z.J. and Qu, L.W. (2019). Breeding and cultivation of 'Golden Warm Flame':
a new tulip cultivar with earlier florescence. Acta Hortic. 1237, 301-306
DOI: 10.17660/ActaHortic.2019.1237.39
Tulipa spp., ornamental, breeding, cultivar

Acta Horticulturae