Genetic diversity in Plumbago zeylanica (L.)

L. Nalina, K. Shanthanu, G. Saraswathy, M. Suganthy, B. Meena, K. Rajamani
Forty-two germplasm accessions were collected from different parts of Tamil Nadu and also from Kerala and Maharashtra. An IC number was obtained for all the accessions. The accessions were planted in the main field, growth and yield characters were recorded. The study exhibited highly significant differences for analysis of variance for all the traits. The variability parameters showed that phenotypic coefficient of variation (PCV) was higher than respective genotypic coefficient of variation (GCV) and high estimates of broad-sense heritability within the traits revealed that variation was transmitted to the progeny. High to moderate heritability indicated considerable potential for development of high yielding cultivars through selection of desirable plants in succeeding generations. High genetic advance as percentage of mean (genetic gain) along with estimate of heritability and GCV are also present for most of the traits.
Nalina, L., Shanthanu, K., Saraswathy, G., Suganthy, M., Meena, B. and Rajamani, K. (2019). Genetic diversity in Plumbago zeylanica (L.). Acta Hortic. 1241, 151-158
DOI: 10.17660/ActaHortic.2019.1241.22
Plumbago zeylanica, genetic variability, plumbagin

Acta Horticulturae