The effect of biostimulant seed treatment on breeding of Aster novi-belgii

M. Cojocariu, L. Draghia, E.L. Chelariu
Aster novi-belgii is a perennial hemicriptophytes species, commonly grown in the gardens of Romanian villages. It is a plant valued for its hardiness and vigor, especially for colour and abundance of flowering that occurs in early autumn. This paper aims to analyse the influence of different treatments on seed germination regarding the growth and development of Aster novi-belgii seedlings. The experiment was conducted in two stages, depending on the state in which the treatments were applied (seeds, respectively seedlings). The first set of experiments (seed germination) was made in four variants in which a control variant (V1) with non-treated seed and three variants which had immersed seeds in different solutions: distilled water (V2); BlackJak solution 5 mL L‑1 (V3), Sprintene solution 1 mL L‑1 (V4). Treatments carried out favoured germination and plant emergence and positively influenced the germination percentage (V1 and V4 - 32%, V2 - 28%, V3 -H 48%), duration and speed of emergence. The best results were obtained by seed soaking in BlackJak 5 mL L‑1 solution for 1.5 h. In the second stage of the experiment the obtained seedlings were used, which were picked out after approximately 45 days from sowing, and treatments were applied with the same products used to seeds (BlackJak and Sprintene), resulting in three variants: untreated seedlings (V5) seedlings treated with BlackJak 5 mL L‑1 (V6) and seedlings treated with Sprintene 1 mL L‑1 (V7). At this stage observations were made on stem height, number of leaves and number of internodes, the best results being recorded for Sprintene treated seedlings.
Cojocariu, M., Draghia, L. and Chelariu, E.L. (2019). The effect of biostimulant seed treatment on breeding of Aster novi-belgii. Acta Hortic. 1242, 823-830
DOI: 10.17660/ActaHortic.2019.1242.122
Aster novi-belgii L. (Symphyotrichum novi-belgii L.), biostimulant, BlackJak, germination, seed, Sprintene®

Acta Horticulturae