Effects of rain cover cultivation on ecophysiology-factors, yield and fruit quality in mango

W.T. Xu, S.B Wang, H.X Wu, Y.Y Gao, Q.S. Yao, C. Luo, R.L. Zhan, X.W. Ma
The advantages of the rain cover cultivation over open field were evaluated in order to explore the mango efficient cultivation mode in the coastal rainy region of South China. The ‘Renong 1’ mango trees were treated with rain covers from first blooming until harvest. Meteorological variables such as temperature and relative humidity were determined, and the photosynthetic indexes, productivity and quality were also investigated. The results showed that rain covers tended to increase the temperature and decrease the relative humidity at flowering and fruit set phase, and resulted in a significantly higher bisexual flower rate. Rain covers promoted early fruit drop but the final fruit set rate was not significantly affected. In rain covers, the net photosynthetic rates (Pn) were not affected negatively whether at flowering and fruit set phase or at the fruit development phase. In comparison with open field, the mean yield of mango in rain cover increased by 60.2%, however the internal quality of fruits were not significantly affected by rain covers. In addition, rain covers significantly reduced the fruit decay and disease index of mango fruits after harvest. These results suggest that rain covers modified the microenvironment of the canopy in mango and promoted bisexual flower rate and yield of mango while they had no negative effects on the internal quality of fruits and improved the storability of mango fruit. Therefore, rain-shelter cultivation could be a promising practice for mango production in the rainy region of South
Xu, W.T., Wang, S.B, Wu, H.X, Gao, Y.Y, Yao, Q.S., Luo, C., Zhan, R.L. and Ma, X.W. (2019). Effects of rain cover cultivation on ecophysiology-factors, yield and fruit quality in mango. Acta Hortic. 1244, 137-142
DOI: 10.17660/ActaHortic.2019.1244.21
mango (Mangifera indica L.), rain cover cultivation, ecological factors, photosynthesis, yield, internal quality, storability

Acta Horticulturae