U.S. mango performance benchmark

W. McManus, R. Muñoz, L. Ortega, M. Michel
Retail data are important for mango performance benchmarking because it allows one to compare years and observe trends. Mango sales data from US grocery store chains with more than $ 2 million in annual sales was collected and analyzed in 2014 and 2015. Data came from approximately 18,000 stores nationwide and represented fruit items sold in the produce department. A descriptive analysis of mango performance (volume, price, and sales) store‑1 week‑1 was conducted per region, quarter and year. Volume was measured by unit (one whole mango=one unit), price in dollars ($) per mango unit, and sales in $. Overall, retail fruit sales increased 3% in 2015. Mango sales store‑1 week‑1 increased 6% and mango contribution to the produce department increased slightly, maintaining the same position (#20) in fruit sales ranking, as in 2014. Mango volume store‑1 week‑1 increased 16% to 213 units after a decline of 13% in 2014, and the mango retail price decreased 8% to $ 0.98 each. In 2015, most sub-regions experienced mango increases in dollars and volume. The East North Central sub-region had the largest dollar increase, (13% to $ 173 mango dollars store‑1 week‑1), and the West South Central sub-region had the largest mango dollar contribution to department sales at 0.52%, up from 0.47% in 2014. The highest sub-regions, based on volume store‑1 week‑1, were West South Central, Pacific, New England and Mountain. East North Central was the sub-region with the greatest growth in volume with a 43% increase. All sub-regions except Pacific had a decline in average mango price. The West South Central sub-region had the lowest average retail price at $ 0.76 each and the Mid Atlantic sub-region had the highest average retail price at $ 1.22 per mango.
McManus, W., Muñoz, R., Ortega, L. and Michel, M. (2019). U.S. mango performance benchmark. Acta Hortic. 1244, 201-208
DOI: 10.17660/ActaHortic.2019.1244.30
mango, promotion, consumer demand, market penetration, market intensity, return-on-investment

Acta Horticulturae