Study of value chain in marketing organic pineapple of Nagaland

I. Ao, A. Sema, C.S. Maiti, A. Sarkar, A.K. Singh
Nagaland produces 1,32,720 t of pineapples in an area of 9,528 ha. This organic fruit has excellent flavour and taste. However, marketing is a constraint because of transportation and distance to metropolitan cities in India. This investigation studied the value chain for marketing organic pineapple of Nagaland. Pineapples were collected from an organic farm at Molvom village Dimapur District, Nagaland during 2014-2016. The experiment was laid out in a split plot design in which the main plot was harvesting stage H1 (fully matured but no colour development), H2 (1/8th colour development), H3 (1/4th colour development) and H4 (1/2 colour development) and packaging containers (P1 - wooden boxes, P2 - bamboo boxes, P3 - CFB boxes and P4 - used carton boxes) as sub plot with three replications. Fruits were harvested and transported to New Delhi (2158 km from production site) by train taking 92 h. Samples were checked for spoilage on arrival and then taken to laboratory for further analysis. Harvesting stage and packaging containers and their interaction significantly influenced physicochemical qualities, organoleptic qualities, shelf life and benefit cost ratio. More matured fruit at harvest (H4) had the best physicochemical qualities and organoleptic scores (sweetness, aroma and fibre content). However, fruit from H1 had less PLW (physiological loss in weight) and postharvest loss (PHL) and thus maximum shelf life followed by H2. Fruit packed in CFB boxes (P3) had higher sweetness, fibre content, shelf life and lower postharvest loss, as well as the best physicochemical parameters. The highest benefit:cost ratio (BCR) was for fruit from treatment H1P4 in both the years.
Ao, I., Sema, A., Maiti, C.S., Sarkar, A. and Singh, A.K. (2019). Study of value chain in marketing organic pineapple of Nagaland. Acta Hortic. 1245, 157-164
DOI: 10.17660/ActaHortic.2019.1245.23
benefit:cost rtatio, harvesting stages, organoleptic test, packaging containers

Acta Horticulturae