Synonyms and homonyms in Herzegovinian and Dalmatian grapevine cultivars

A. Mandić, M. Žulj Mihaljević, M. Leko, J. Primorac, J. Beljo
Today's grapevine assortment in Bosnia and Herzegovina is the result of several evolutionary, agroecological and historical factors. One of them is the proximity of Dalmatia as a wine-growing area, from which some cultivars were transferred and adapted to the breeding conditions of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Over the course of time, cultivars migrated from one area to another. As a result, some cultivars retained the same name in both production areas, while others were given another name. Within the program of collection and maintenance of autochthonous grape cultivars in Bosnia and Herzegovina, more than 35 genotypes were collected. For reliable grapevine germplasm characterization and identification, genetic analysis of nine standard microsatellite loci was performed. Based on the microsatellite profiles obtained, cluster analysis was carried out and mutual relations were represented by a UPGMA dendrogram. Several synonyms and homonyms have been identified among the analyzed genotypes. Comparison of genetic profiles from Bosnia and Herzegovina and Croatia also identified synonyms and homonyms within these two groups, and confirmed strong connections with the Dalmatian wine-growing region.
Mandić, A., Žulj Mihaljević, M., Leko, M., Primorac, J. and Beljo, J. (2019). Synonyms and homonyms in Herzegovinian and Dalmatian grapevine cultivars. Acta Hortic. 1248, 15-20
DOI: 10.17660/ActaHortic.2019.1248.3
grapevine, synonyms, homonymy, microsatellites, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Acta Horticulturae