Collecting sorboid plants for their horticultural merit and use in breeding work in Ukraine

V.M. Mezhenskyj
The group of sorboid plants consists of Sorbus s. l. and Aronia species and numerous interspecies and intergeneric hybrids. They are commonly known as rowan, white beam, and chokeberry. Gardeners grow them as ornamental plants. Sorboid plants are minor pome fruit crops in horticulture. Their fruit is sometimes eaten raw and used for making jams, juice, syrup, and herbal tea. The fruit is rich in pectin, carotene, ascorbic acid, anthocyanins and other biologically active substances. Only a few sorboid species are native to Ukraine. The most common species is Sorbus aucuparia which is spread in northern and central territories. Torminalis glaberrima is spread in the southwest region, other species Aria graeca, Aria stankovii, Aria taurica, Cormus domestica, Hedlundia roopiana, and Karpatiosorbus tauricola are located only in the Crimea, and Aria edulis and Hedlundia austriaca are very rare near the west border of Ukraine. The National University of Life and Environmental Sciences collection of sorboid plants consists of 153 accessions representing 23 species of Sorbuss.str., 12 species of Hedlundia, 10 species of Aria, 4 species of Karpatiosorbus, 3 species of Micromeles and Sorbaronia each, 2 species of Amelasorbus, Aronia, and Borkhausenia each, 1 species of Chamaemespilus, Majovskya, Normeyera, Sorbopyrus, Pyraria, Sorbocotoneaster, and Torminaria each. There are over 45 named cultivars too. Sorbus aucuparia ‘Moravska Vrozhaina’ developed by us belongs to Moravica Group of sweet-flavor rowans. Nowadays hybrid population of Sorbaronia fallax is established too. These plants are very variable in several traits. The new select ‘Vseslava’ has larger and numerous fruit in the bigger corymbs. It is useful for creation of trigeneric sorboid hybrids with unique features.
Mezhenskyj, V.M. (2019). Collecting sorboid plants for their horticultural merit and use in breeding work in Ukraine. Acta Hortic. 1259, 25-30
DOI: 10.17660/ActaHortic.2019.1259.5
Sorbus s. l., rowan, white beam, chokeberry, germplasm collections, cultivars

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