A study on growing techniques of native Narcissus tazetta

Ö. Sari, F.G. Çelikel
The effect of planting time (September, October and November) and the size of flower bulbs (12.1-14, 10.1-12 and 8.1-10 cm) on flower quality and flowering period of natural Narcissus tazetta naturally grown in Ordu in Black Sea region were investigated. Tepal width, tepal length, corona diameter, corona length, perianth tube length, flower size, flower stem length, flower stem diameter, the pedicel length, ovary length, the number of flowers per stem, flower diameter, number of leaves, leaf width, leaf length, vase life, yield and flowering period were determined. The best quality of flowers as well as the highest flowering rate was obtained from the flower bulbs with a circumference of 12-14 cm. The smaller bulbs with a circumference of 10-12 cm gave only a few flowers whereas the smallest ones did not give any flowers. Therefore, it is suggested that the minimum circumference of the bulbs should be at least 12-14 cm for cut flower production of Narcissus tazetta. September was the best planting time for Narcissus tazetta cut flower production as to the flower quality and harvest period. The flowering period was extended to about 3 months from January 15 to April 11 by planting the bulbs at 3 different times.
Sari, Ö. and Çelikel, F.G. (2019). A study on growing techniques of native Narcissus tazetta. Acta Hortic. 1263, 159-166
DOI: 10.17660/ActaHortic.2019.1263.20
Narcissus tazetta, bulb size, cultivation, flowering period, flower quality, planting time

Acta Horticulturae