Agricultural dynamics in Atsimondrano district, Analamanga Region, Madagascar

S. Ramananarivo, L. Rakotoarisoa, H.F. Ranaivoarisoa, J.M. Razafiarijaona, N.L. Rabibisoa, R. Ramananarivo
There is a heterogeneity of priority agricultural sectors on perish urban areas, which is the Atsimondrano District, Analamanga region, Madagascar. In reality, these sectors have allowed a typology of the localities, called “Zone”. Prioritization of sectors depends on inside or outside constraints specific of each Zone. The internal constraints are taken as first factors of dynamism and act on the choice of sectors. Therefore, external constraints included in environment productive like price varying constitutes also a dynamic factor. As problematic, the public policy ignores the roles of urban agriculture on development. The main problems are related to food, processing of urban waste. Therefore, the farming systems are dynamic over time. This dynamism is the result of the adaptability of farmers according to the constraints imposed by the city. They involve three product factors: land, capital and labor. The objective of research is to highlight the agricultural dynamism, showed by “Markov chain”. From west to south the eatable leaves stood out because of its importance for farmers; they are in launch phase in the West and East zones and in mature phase in the South. At the western part, medium-cycle vegetables are in launch phase, cattle is on growth phase and rice is on mature phase. In the eastern part, which is the intermediate Zone, vegetables are in mature phase, rice and cattle are on launch phase. In the West, brickyard and cow are on growth phase. For the South Zone, vegetables are in launch phase with cow, brickyard and rice; the cattle is on growth phase; strawberry and beans are in mature phase.
Ramananarivo, S., Rakotoarisoa, L., Ranaivoarisoa, H.F., Razafiarijaona, J.M., Rabibisoa, N.L. and Ramananarivo, R. (2020). Agricultural dynamics in Atsimondrano district, Analamanga Region, Madagascar. Acta Hortic. 1267, 159-166
DOI: 10.17660/ActaHortic.2020.1267.25
perish urban farming, urban constraints, agricultural dynamics, modelization, fruits and vegetables

Acta Horticulturae