Organization and functioning of the onion, zucchini and mandarin sectors supplying Antananarivo

S. Ramananarivo, I.A. Tefy, T. Ramanankonenana, H.F. Ranaivoarisoa, J.M. Razafiarijaona, N.L. Rabibisoa, R. Ramananarivo
Markets in Madagascar are characterized by a myriad of traders exchanging low product volumes. The organization between the actors is thus rather complicated. The aim of this study is to determine the bottlenecks in relation to the organization of the actors. This makes it possible to propose solutions to ensure a better flow of information and products between the actors. The identification of actors, the forms of coordination and the types of technical organization they maintain are analyzed according to their respective constraints; their level of access and information needs are determined. Thus, for each of the onion, courgette and mandarin sectors, there are five types of actors: producer-collector, collector-wholesaler, wholesaler, semi-wholesaler and retailer. Translated with , the majority of actors on the onion chain have no legal status, except the collector-wholesaler and the wholesaler. This majority practices their activities at the sidewalks and is present only at very limited schedules. For the onion chain, the actors are specialized in this product only or with other condiments. For the zucchini, the actors also market various vegetables according to the seasons, similar for mandarin, the actors treat all the fruits according to their season. The onion and mandarin sectors are characterized by the importance of collectors-wholesalers in transactions. They are the best informed among all actors. Nevertheless, for all these sectors, the collector-producers who collect from remote villages are of equal importance. Almost half of the respondents stated that they were interested in setting up a market information system. These are the information on the contact of new buyers and the prices in the production basins they wish to obtain.
Ramananarivo, S., Tefy, I.A., Ramanankonenana, T., Ranaivoarisoa, H.F., Razafiarijaona, J.M., Rabibisoa, N.L. and Ramananarivo, R. (2020). Organization and functioning of the onion, zucchini and mandarin sectors supplying Antananarivo. Acta Hortic. 1267, 229-234
DOI: 10.17660/ActaHortic.2020.1267.34
actors' organization, information access, onion, zucchini, mandarin

Acta Horticulturae