The capacity of highland horticulture producers of Madagascar facing SADC markets

S. Ramananarivo, V. Raharinaivo, P. Talla Takoukam, A.R. Hajalalaina, H.L. Rakotonirainy, S.I. Andriamanalina, H.F. Ranaivoarisoa, R. Ramananarivo
The natural and directed selection of agricultural seeds used by farmers is crucial for the sustainable management of Plant Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture. It has created diversities with remarkable effects for increasing yields, improving resistance to diseases, improving the quality of foodstuffs. However, the introduction of new cultivated plants results in the abandonment of traditional cultivars and significant genetic erosion of native plants with a loss of related traditional knowledge, in favor of intensification of crops. In this article, we answer the following questions: how to define the current diversity of cultivated species and, the sustainability of production systems to increase food security? How to develop prospecting mapping of different vegetable species in Analamanga, Itasy and Vakinankaratra regions? How to promote SADC regional cooperation? How much the current diversity is perceived through the values attached to traditional vegetables by proverbs, unlike cultivars? An algorithm combining the p-value with the prospective growth of the different cultivars and allowing the sorting of the different crops in culture on the farm, in situ and ex situ, was developed. The results of this study contributed to the development of prospecting mapping of the different vegetable species in the Analamanga, Itasy and Vakinankaratra regions. Finally, the Malagasy capacity to honor the different needs of the SADC countries has been developed.
Ramananarivo, S., Raharinaivo, V., Talla Takoukam, P., Hajalalaina, A.R., Rakotonirainy, H.L., Andriamanalina, S.I., Ranaivoarisoa, H.F. and Ramananarivo, R. (2020). The capacity of highland horticulture producers of Madagascar facing SADC markets. Acta Hortic. 1267, 259-266
DOI: 10.17660/ActaHortic.2020.1267.39
market gardening products, agricultural production system, extensivity density, selectivity density, adoption rate

Acta Horticulturae