Studies on the prevalence of several newly-identified viruses infecting grapevines in Turkey

Ç. Ulubaş Serçe, S. Önder, O. Çifçi, B. Altan, Z.N. Öztürk Gökçe, E. Elçi
Recently, several emerging viruses infecting grapevines have been identified in grapevine growing areas in Turkey. Comprehensive surveys and the development of effective detection tools are required to prevent the entrance and spread of these viruses. Therefore, to detect and gain information on the prevalence of several newly emerging viral pathogens (Grapevine pinot gris virus, GPGV; Grapevine Syrah virus-1, GSyV-1; Grapevine vein clearing virus, GVCV; Grapevine red blotch-associated virus, GRBaV; Grapevine deformation virus, GDefV; Grapevine Anatolian ringspot virus, GARSV) in Turkish vineyards, surveys were performed in 2015-2016 in the most important grapevine producing locations. A total of 1658 grapevine samples were collected from Aegean, Marmara, Mediterranean, eastern and south-eastern Anatolia and central Anatolia Regions of Turkey. The samples were analyzed with PCR or SYBR Green-based real time PCR against GPGV, GSyV-1, GVCV, GRBaV, GDefV and GARSV. Among the tested viruses, the most prevalent one was GPGV with the infection rate of 9.2% followed by GSyV-1 (5.2%) and GDefV (1.2%). GVCV, GRBaV and GARSV were not detected among the tested samples. GPGV was in the highest incidence in the Aegean Region with a rate of 33.7%, followed by eastern Anatolia (12%), Marmara (8.2%) and south-eastern Anatolia (6.4%) regions. GPGV was not detected in grapevine samples collected from Mediterranean and Central Anatolia Regions. GSyV-1 was detected in Aegean, (29.5%); Mediterranean, (1.8%); Central Anatolia, (1.2%) and Marmara, (0.7%), but not in eastern and south-eastern Anatolia Regions. GDefV was detected in all regions (1.3% in south-eastern Anatolia, 3.1% in Aegean, 1.2% in central Anatolia and 0.4% in Marmara) except Mediterranean and eastern Anatolia. This study provides comprehensive survey of the GPGV, GSyV-1, GDefV, GARSV, GRBaV and GVCV in Turkey.
Ulubaş Serçe, Ç., Önder, S., Çifçi, O., Altan, B., Öztürk Gökçe, Z.N. and Elçi, E. (2020). Studies on the prevalence of several newly-identified viruses infecting grapevines in Turkey. Acta Hortic. 1269, 105-112
DOI: 10.17660/ActaHortic.2020.1269.14
emerging viruses, survey, Turkey, PCR

Acta Horticulturae