Raspberry production in greenhouse in Northeast China

C.H. Tan, H.P. Dai, J. Lu, W. Shi
In open field, the harvest season is usually less than 30 days for floricane-fruiting and 70 days for primocane-fruiting raspberry in Northeast China. To extend the marketing period, a program of out-of-season raspberry production in greenhouse was developed in Shenyang City, Northeast China. Floricane-fruiting raspberry cultivars included ‘Meeker’ and ‘Nova’, and primocane-fruiting raspberry cultivars including ‘Qiuping’ and ‘Dincum’ were both tested in this study. The performance of the two raspberry plant types, including plant development, flowering, fruiting, dormancy and phenophase, were observed and compared. Based on the results, primocane-fruiting cultivars were chosen. When dormancy was successfully broken, two production harvest-seasons were achieved by growing primocane-fruiting raspberry in greenhouse. One harvest period was from early October to early January the year after, and lasted about 80-90 days, which was later than the season of primocane-fruiting raspberry grown in open-field using pruned canes. The second season occurred from early May to late June, lasting for about 40-50 days, which was earlier than the harvest season of floricane-fruiting raspberry in the open-field. With this progress in program, a harvest period of above 220 days was for the first time achieved in Northeast China.
Tan, C.H., Dai, H.P., Lu, J. and Shi, W. (2020). Raspberry production in greenhouse in Northeast China. Acta Hortic. 1277, 251-256
DOI: 10.17660/ActaHortic.2020.1277.36
raspberry, primocane-fruiting, floricane-fruiting, out-of-season production, yield

Acta Horticulturae