Scoring effects on tree vigor and fruit quality of 'Fuyu' persimmon trees

S.T. Choi, G.H. Ahn, S.C. Kim, K.P. Hong
This study was conducted to determine scoring effect on stabilizing tree vigor and improving fruit quality of 'Fuyu' persimmon. Trunks of vigorous trees were scored with a grafting knife in early April, May, June, and July at 10 cm above the graft union. Although there was no significant difference, scoring from April to June reduced occurrence of water sprouts and increased fruit set in the year of treatment, compared with non-scored control. Average fruit weight, color, and soluble solids content were highest in July-scored trees. Desirable effects on shoot growth and fruit quality were observed in June and July treatments in the following year. Considering the results for two years, early July scoring at the trunk was recommendable to control tree vigor and to improve fruit quality. In other experiment, vigorous scaffolds were scored by a knife with 1 mm-thick blade or a pruning saw with 2 mm-thick tooth in mid-June. The scored scaffolds produced less water sprouts but larger fruits with higher soluble solids, compared with the non-scored scaffold.
Choi, S.T., Ahn, G.H., Kim, S.C. and Hong, K.P. (2020). Scoring effects on tree vigor and fruit quality of 'Fuyu' persimmon trees. Acta Hortic. 1281, 289-296
DOI: 10.17660/ActaHortic.2020.1281.40
Diospyros kaki, fruit maturation, water sprout, tree growth, carry-over effect

Acta Horticulturae