A new watermelon cultivar - 'ShanNong No.4'

J. Ma, X. Zhang, Y. Zhang, H. Li, C. Wei, J. Yang, X. Yang, Z. Wang
With the increased earning and the changes in consumption conception, people have stronger demand for middle fruit type in watermelon with a high quality. 'ShanNong No.4' is a new watermelon cultivar developed by crossing 'Y2M' and 'J2F', whole growth period is 89 days, and fruit development period needs 29 days. This cultivar is easy to bear fruits. Its fruit shape is oval and the shape index is 1.1. The fruit skin is dark green with thin stripes, and the pericarp thickness is about 1.1 cm. The fruit has strong skin toughness, and good shipping quality. The fruit flesh is red fine sandy and high quality. The center sugar content is 12%, which is closed to the edge sugar content. It has an average single fruit of 6.3 kg and a yield of 63,000 kg m‑2. It also has a high disease-resistance as well as a strong adverse-resistance. It is suitable to cultivate in the open field and early spring protected area in the Shaanxi province of China.
Ma, J., Zhang, X., Zhang, Y., Li, H., Wei, C., Yang, J., Yang, X. and Wang, Z. (2020). A new watermelon cultivar - 'ShanNong No.4'. Acta Hortic. 1282, 389-392
DOI: 10.17660/ActaHortic.2020.1282.58
watermelon, cultivar, maturing

Acta Horticulturae