Organic fertilizers in cauliflower: effects on growth and ascorbic acid content

S. Öztekin, N. Mutlu, T. Öztekin, N. Geboloğlu, M. Elmastaş, M. Aydın, G. Altıntaş, Ö.F. Noyan
This study was carried out to compare the effect of different forms of organic fertilizers and application rates on plant height, crown diameter, leaf number and ascorbic acid of cauliflower under field conditions in 2012-2014 years at the experimental field of Middle Black Sea Transition Zone Agricultural Research Institute, Tokat, Turkey. Six organic fertilizer treatments were compared within a randomized block design as three replications. The experiment was conducted under open field conditions. ‘Barcelona F1’ and ‘Grafiti F1’ cauliflower cultivars were cultivated organically for three years. Six treatments included 5 organic fertilizers as Organic 1 (5000 kg ha-1 ‘Biofarm’ (commercial farmyard manure, Çamlı Besi, İzmir-Turkey), Organic 2 (3750 kg ha-1 ‘Biofarm’ +1500 kg ha-1 ‘NOF’ (Natural Organic Fertilizer, plant based organic liquid fertilizer, Elit Tarım, Antalya-Turkey), Organic 3 (2500 kg ha-1 Biofarm + 3000 kg ha-1 NOF), Organic 4 (1250 kg ha-1 Biofarm + 4500 kg ha-1 NOF), Organic 5 (6000 kg ha-1 NOF) compared with untreated control. Results indicated that, plant height values ranged from 32.6 to 34.1 cm. The highest plant height was found for the ‘Barcelona F1’ compared to the ‘Grafiti F1’. The highest number of leaves was found for the Organic 5 treatment (37.7 leaves plant-1), while the lowest ones was found for control plants. The crown diameter values ranged from 13.9 to 18 cm. The highest crown diameter was observed for the ‘Barcelona F1’ compared to Grafiti F1. For both varieties, the highest ascorbic acid content were found for the Organic 1 (88.03 mg 100 g-1) and Organic 3 (96.84 mg 100 g-1) treatments.
Öztekin, S., Mutlu, N., Öztekin, T., Geboloğlu, N., Elmastaş, M., Aydın, M., Altıntaş, G. and Noyan, Ö.F. (2020). Organic fertilizers in cauliflower: effects on growth and ascorbic acid content. Acta Hortic. 1286, 149-154
DOI: 10.17660/ActaHortic.2020.1286.21
organic agriculture, crown diameter, Grafiti F1, Barcelona F1, plant height

Acta Horticulturae