Breeding of a new Chinese jujube cultivar 'Hamazao1'

Wenhai Gao, Zhong Zhang
Chinese jujube (Ziziphus jujuba Mill.) is a popular fruit crop that has been traditionally cultivated in the Northern Shaanxi in China for thousands of years. However, the landraces, 'Muzao' and 'Tuanzao', are nowadays facing great challenges of low yield, serious fruit cracking and poor fruit quality. Therefore, the improvement or replacement of cultivars is urgently needed for a scale cultivation in this ancient production area. In the present study, we characterized the breeding history of a new Chinese jujube cultivar LSQUOHamazao1RSQUO which is selected from a local cultivar 'Hamazao'. The fruit has a big and uniform size with an average weight of 32.0 g, performing strong ability of high-yield with an average production of 17857 kg hm‑2. The cultivar also showed a higher commercial fruit rate and good performance in shrink- and rust-disease-resistances. The total organic acid content was 0.380 g 100 g‑1, total soluble sugar content was 28.4 g 100 g‑1, soluble solid content was 30.2 °Brix, and the vitamin C content was 627.66 mg 100 g‑1 FW (fresh weight). Overall, the LSQUOHamazao1RSQUO is an excellent middle to late maturity cultivar that could be used for both fresh- and dry- production in Northern Shaanxi.
Gao, Wenhai and Zhang, Zhong (2020). Breeding of a new Chinese jujube cultivar 'Hamazao1'. Acta Hortic. 1287, 257-262
DOI: 10.17660/ActaHortic.2020.1287.32
Chinese jujube, cultivar, breeding, 'Hamazao1', Northern Shaanxi

Acta Horticulturae