Obtaining a protocol for slow growth for in vitro conservation of Eustoma cultivars (Gentianaceae)

Y. Ramírez-Pérez, E. Tapia-Campos, E.J. Cruz-Gutiérrez, R. Barba-Gonzalez
Eustoma grandiflorum (RAF.) Shinn., commonly known as lisianthus, belongs to the Gentianaceae family. Native from the southern regions of the United States and northern Mexico, their flowers are available in a variety of colors and similar in appearance to roses, resulting in their popularity as an ornamental plant. Numerous cultivars of lisianthus have been developed, which are difficult to maintain. Thus, low-cost methods are required for its conservation. The objective of this research was to obtain an effective protocol for in vitro conservation of E. grandiflorum, which represents an essential part of the overall strategy for the conservation of genetic resources. Other advantages of in vitro conservation are that it allows the spread of clonal material in little time in aseptic and controlled environments, which makes it possible to obtain virus-free plants. The addition of sugar alcohols retards the growth in culture mediums, which is important to reduce the labor needed to conserve germplasm for a longer time. This research was conducted at the Centro de Investigación y Asistencia en Tecnología y Diseño del Estado de Jalisco A.C. (CIATEJ) using a completely randomized design, decreasing the concentration of the storage medium (100, 50 or 0% MS medium), under variable temperatures (5, 18 or 24°C), with different carbon sources, such as sucrose (30%) or sugar alcohols (1, 1.5 or 2%), and a photoperiod of 16 h light. Cultures were maintained for 90 days. The data were analyzed using an analysis of variance. The results showed that at 90 days no statistically significant difference was observed in measured variables. To our knowledge there are no published reports on in vitro conservation protocols for cultivars of E. grandiflorum.
Ramírez-Pérez, Y., Tapia-Campos, E., Cruz-Gutiérrez, E.J. and Barba-Gonzalez, R. (2020). Obtaining a protocol for slow growth for in vitro conservation of Eustoma cultivars (Gentianaceae). Acta Hortic. 1288, 185-188
DOI: 10.17660/ActaHortic.2020.1288.27
conservation, lisianthus, mannitol, sorbitol

Acta Horticulturae