Current status of new ornamental crops market in Croatia

K. Karlović, D. Dujmović Purgar, N. Jeran, V. ¿idovec, S. Bolarić, A. Vokurka
The ornamental crops market in Croatia is predominately oriented on traditional crops. New crops that do find their way to the buyers are mainly new cultivars of known, long-established ornamental species. This could partially be explained by limited investment in the research and marketing of new ornamental crops in Croatia, conservative consumer preferences, and the market which is primarily import based. In 2018 Croatia has imported cut flowers in the amount of 10 million euros, with the following top six imported cut plants: roses, carnations, gladioli, orchids, chrysanthemums and lilies, none of which belong to the group of new ornamental crops. Even though there are currently no breeding programs on ornamentals, Croatia is rich in native plant species which are an almost unlimited source of new ornamental crops. Some of the species which are being currently analyzed for their potential as ornamental crops are: Anthemis tomentosa L., Astragalus monspessulanus L. ssp. illyricus (Berhardt) Chater, Convolvulus lineatus L., Corydalis acaulis (Wulfen) Pers., Iris adriatica Trinajstić ex Mitić, and Iris illyrica Tomm., all belonging to endangered and/or endemic plant species. This paper provides the outline of current status of the market for new ornamental crops, but also the outline of the botanical characteristics of these plants, discuss the potential for their introduction into horticultural production, and their usage as ornamental and landscaping species.
Karlović, K., Dujmović Purgar, D., Jeran, N., ¿idovec, V., Bolarić, S. and Vokurka, A. (2020). Current status of new ornamental crops market in Croatia. Acta Hortic. 1288, 199-206
DOI: 10.17660/ActaHortic.2020.1288.30
market, botanical characteristics, introduction, endangered species, endemic species

Acta Horticulturae