Improving the storage quality of mulberry fruit (Morus nigra L.) by different bio-materials

İ. Kahramanoğlu, S. Usanmaz, T. Alas
Mulberry fruits are very soft and perishable, and highly sensitive to storage conditions. The present study aimed to test the influence of two kinds of eggshell extracts [ESEx1 and ESEx2], 0.5% black seed (Nigella sativa L.) oil [Ns] and Mediterranean wild thyme (Thymus capitatus L.) oil [Tc] on the postharvest quality of mulberry fruits. Fruits of the present study were hand-collected from an orchard located in Yedidalga village, in Lefke city of Northern Cyprus at commercial maturity based on skin colour and softening in 2019. Apart from the above mentioned four bio-materials, one control treatment was also tested by the application of distilled water. Fruits were randomly divided into five groups (# of treatments) of 100 fruits in each of the four replications. The treatments were applied by dipping the fruits into the mentioned treatments at 25°C for 2 min. After dipping, all fruits were air-dried for 30 min, and transferred to the storage conditions of 4±1°C and 95% relative humidity. Studies continued for 15 days and quality parameters were measured with 3-day intervals. Results showed that all bio-materials have significant influence on the prevention of weight loss and rotting rate; and treatments (except control and Tc) have acceptable quality even in 12 days after storage (weight loss between 10.10 and 15.40%; and rotting rate between 0.081 and 0.163). After this period, all fruits rapidly lost quality whereas the weight loss in control treatment reached to 32.09% with 0.869 rotting rate in 15 days. At the end of the experiments (15 days after storage), lowest weight loss was measured from ESEx2 treatment with 19.90%, and the lowest rotting rate was measured from Ns treatment with 0.494. Results suggested that the Nigella sativa oil and eggshell extract have promising results for the postharvest storage of mulberry fruits.
Kahramanoğlu, İ., Usanmaz, S. and Alas, T. (2020). Improving the storage quality of mulberry fruit (Morus nigra L.) by different bio-materials. Acta Hortic. 1289, 249-256
DOI: 10.17660/ActaHortic.2020.1289.35
eggshell, Nigella sativa oil, rotting rate, Thymus capitatus oil, weight loss

Acta Horticulturae