Physicochemical characteristics of black and white mulberry genotypes from eastern Turkey

R. Bozhüyük, G. Ozkan, S. Ercişli
The Eastern Anatolia region in Turkey has rich mulberry genetic resources. The present study describes main fruit characteristics of five white (Morus alba) and five black (Morus nigra) genotypes grown in Eastern Anatolia region of Turkey (Kagizman district located in Aras valley). The measured main fruit morphological characteristics included fruit weight and peduncle length. Biochemical parameters included soluble solid content, total anthocyanin, total phenolic content and total antioxidant capacity. Fruit weight ranged from 2.86 to 3.14 and 1.96-3.02 g for black and white mulberries, respectively. The peduncle length was found between 7.44 and 9.22 and 9.15-12.14 mm for black and white mulberries, respectively. Soluble solid content were between 13.67 and 18.33% for black and 15.05-20.82% for white mulberries and showed great variability. Total antioxidant capacity (FRAP values), total anthocyanins and total phenolic content (TPC) were measured on black and white mulberry fruits and these parameters showed considerable variations among genotypes. The average total phenolic contents of black and white mulberry fruits were between 2388 and 2866 and 1267-1513 μg gallic acid equivalent g‑1 fresh weight basis, respectively. Black mulberry fruits had the richest amount of anthocyanin, which were between 488 and 594 μg cyanidin-3-glucoside g‑1 fresh weight basis. White mulberry fruits had the lowest anthocyanins (11-14 μg cyanidin-3-glucoside g‑1 fresh weight). The black mulberry fruits had also higher antioxidant activity compared to white mulberries. The results suggesting that mulberries in particular black one have been shown to have outstanding water soluble antioxidant capacity, anthocyanins and phenolics. Therefore, the fruits of mulberries may be considered as having enhanced functional properties and might be adaptable to meet special nutritional requirements.
Bozhüyük, R., Ozkan, G. and Ercişli, S. (2020). Physicochemical characteristics of black and white mulberry genotypes from eastern Turkey. Acta Hortic. 1289, 257-260
DOI: 10.17660/ActaHortic.2020.1289.36
physicochemical, mulberry, Turkey

Acta Horticulturae