Technochemical evaluation of Crimean autochthonous cultivars 'Tashly' and 'Shabash' protoclones yield

S. Levchenko, I. Vasylyk, V. Volynkin, N. Rybachenko, A. Vasylyk
As a result of a study of the populations of Crimean autochthonous grape cultivars ‘Tashly’ and ‘Shabash’ on the southern coast of the Crimea, the most promising protoclones were selected. The technochemical study of these protoclones was carried out according to several indicators, such as: mechanical analysis of bunches, biochemical evaluation of berries and organoleptic evaluation of wines. The analysis of the main criteria of the mechanical composition (percentage of berries, comb, seeds of the total composition of the bunch) made it possible to establish that in the selected protoclones these indicators do not change much over the years. However, according to other criteria, significant differences were established between protoclones. A biochemical evaluation of protoclones by such indicators as total phenolic compounds, soluble polysaccharides and protein was carried out, ranges of variability of protoclones by the content of biologically active substances were determined. It was established that the cultivar ‘Tashly’ and its protoclones are characterized by a relatively low content of titratable acids, which can be attributed to the cultivar features. It is shown that regardless of the variation in weather conditions over the years of research, the yield conditions from the selected protoclones of the ‘Tashly’ and ‘Shabash’ cultivars required for the production of dessert wines are stable and closer to optimal than in the whole of the original cultivars. Samples of wine from the protoclones yield, prepared according to the conditions of strong and dessert wines, are evaluated. The 11 most promising protoclones of ‘Shabash’ and 12 promising protoclones of ‘Tashly’ were allocated for further testing.
Levchenko, S., Vasylyk, I., Volynkin, V., Rybachenko, N. and Vasylyk, A. (2020). Technochemical evaluation of Crimean autochthonous cultivars 'Tashly' and 'Shabash' protoclones yield. Acta Hortic. 1289, 261-268
DOI: 10.17660/ActaHortic.2020.1289.37
grapes, wine, autochthonous cultivar, protoclone, mechanical analysis, titrate acidity, phenolic compounds, product quality

Acta Horticulturae