A new late ripening apricot cultivar - 'Longjinmi'

X.M. Xue, J.Z. Wang, X.P. Han, R. Chen
‘Longjinmi’ apricot is a late ripening cultivar originated from seedings and artificial selection of ‘Zoupingshuixing’. In 2006, seed from the ripening fruit were collected from the healthy tree. One hundred four seeds were sown in late March and 78 seedlings were cultivated in 2007. Seedlings were planted in mid-March 2008. In 2011, all the seedlings were fruited, and 12 excellent plants were selected through observation and evaluation, ‘ZS200801’ was a primary superior line for big fruit, high yield and good quality, then it was top grafted on rootstock for further evaluation. In 2012, the top grafted trees showed stable traits such as high yield and good quality, they were selected as the best line and named ‘Longjinmi’ apricot. The tree has robust vigor and open canopy. The fruit shape is oval with an average fruit weight 77.1 g, and the maximum is 97.0 g. The fruit skin is yellow and flush at the sunny side, and the fruit surface is bright, clean and attractive. The flesh orange, fine meat, juicy, sweet and aroma, with 14.2% soluble solids content, 10.2% total sugar content, 0.98% titratable acid content. In Weifang, flower buds of ‘Longjinmi’ swell in end of March, and blossom in early April, and the fruit ripens at the end of June with a fruit growth period of 80 d. Superiority of the cultivar is early bearing, high and stable yield, high-quality, multiple resistance and high comprehensive quality.
Xue, X.M., Wang, J.Z., Han, X.P. and Chen, R. (2020). A new late ripening apricot cultivar - 'Longjinmi'. Acta Hortic. 1290, 185-190
DOI: 10.17660/ActaHortic.2020.1290.32
apricot, late ripening

Acta Horticulturae