Preliminary experiment on chemical thinning of 'Coscia' pear

C. Fernandes
The main goal of this study was to verify the effects of chemical and hand thinning on 'Coscia' pear. Trials were carried out in 2018, at Casal do Queijo Bombarral in a commercial orchard, testing the chemical thinning agents normally used for 'Rocha' pear. In this trial the results obtained with the formulates were compared with the hand thinning results assumed as control. The following formulates were tested: NAA at 15 ppm + 6-BA at 150 ppm, ABA at 300 ppm, 6-BA at 150 ppm, Metamitron at 165 ppm. Fruit abscission and fruit growth rate were measured during the growing season, while fruit size, quality and yield were collected at harvest. Fruit quality was superior in treatments with 6-BA and metamitron, with fruits showing bigger size, higher soluble solids content and lower flesh firmness values.
Fernandes, C. (2020). Preliminary experiment on chemical thinning of 'Coscia' pear. Acta Hortic. 1295, 63-66
DOI: 10.17660/ActaHortic.2020.1295.8
thinning efficacy, yield and fruit quality