Traditions and actual state of flower-ornamental crops' use in landscape design in southern Russia

S.A. Plugatar, Yu.V. Plugatar, Z.K. Klimenko, V.K. Zykova, L.M. Aleksandrova, I.V. Ulanovskaya, N.V. Zubkova, N.V. Smykova
As a result of many years of research, it has been established that, despite the traditional use of flower decorative cultures in landscape design, in general they are not used enough in southern Russia. In landscape gardening there are few new cultivars. In the Nikitsky Botanical Gardens long-term researches were carried out with eight main collections of ornamental crops, numbering 2406 cultivars, and it allowed to manage an assortment for different types of landscape design, made of highly decorative cultivars, resistant to biotic and abiotic factors. Rosa × hybrida hort. cultivars for decoration of small architectural forms, decoration of walls, slopes, creation of hedges, flowerbeds, flower ridges, borders, mix borders, groups, solitary plantings, creation of tree-shaped plantings, as well as for cultivation in containers as a substitution culture are revealed. Syringa L. - to create solitaries, groups and alleys; Clematis L. - for vertical gardening in the form of groups, solitaires, hedges, as well as for mix borders, rockeries and container culture; Chrysanthemum × morifolium Ramat. - for borders, groups and solid plantings, container culture; Iris × hybrida hort. for rockeries, borders, group or solitary plantings; Tulipa L. - for rockeries, solid and group plantings. Hemerocallis × hybrida hort. - for container culture, solitary plantings, mix borders. Canna × hybrida hort. for solitaries, groups, flower ridges, borders, and container culture.
Plugatar, S.A., Plugatar, Yu.V., Klimenko, Z.K., Zykova, V.K., Aleksandrova, L.M., Ulanovskaya, I.V., Zubkova, N.V. and Smykova, N.V. (2020). Traditions and actual state of flower-ornamental crops' use in landscape design in southern Russia. Acta Hortic. 1298, 145-152
DOI: 10.17660/ActaHortic.2020.1298.21
Rosa × hybrida hort., Syringa L., Iris × hybrida hort., Hemerocallis × hybrida hort., Clematis L., Tulipa L., Canna × hybrida, Chrysanthemum × morifolium Ramat

Acta Horticulturae